Advice for those who travel alone for the first time

Traveling alone is not only one of the different modalities or possibilities of traveling, but for a time now this has not only become a trend, but there is even a market niche with services adapted to this group of people interested in traveling. travel at your leisure.

It is very clear that it is much more fun to travel with the couple, family, friends or even a group of people known or unknown. But we are not going to deny that traveling is also a very attractive idea and, above all, a very enriching experience, given that it forces us to relate to people and take the chestnuts out of the fire with no other support than ourselves. However, everything that glitters is not gold, and to the enriching of all this experience we must also add a little complexity, especially when we travel alone for the first time. I came across Gadling to a post by Amanda Kendle, an Australian writer and teacher addicted to travel, in Vagabondish with 5 tips for those traveling alone for the first time:

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